14 junho 2007

Tom Waits em filme de Terry Gilliam - "The imaginarium of the doctor Parnassus"

Aparentemente, Tom Waits poderá protagonizar, ou pelo menos ter um papel de destaque, no próximo filme de Terry Gilliam. Fonte: The Eyeball Kid, Tom Waits News

Terry Gilliam revela nesta entrevista que Heath Ledger também integrará o elenco.

" Creo que Tideland es una de sus mejores películas. Eso sí me dejó el cuerpo algo revuelto y a la vez que con un extraño sentimiento de ternura. Me gustaría saber qué proyecto cinematográfico se encuentra barajando en este momento, gracias.

R. 'The imaginarium of the doctor Parnassus'. Con Heath Ledger y Tom Waits."

Neste vídeo sobre o seu último filme "Tideland", Terry Gilliam fala sobre o universo de "The imaginarium of the Doctor Parnassus".

Num salto à wikipédia, fiquei a saber que o mote assenta que nem uma luva ao mestre Tom:

"An early version of the script reveals several characters: a dwarf named Percy, a clowning, slight-of-hand expert named Anton, a beautiful young female named Valentina and her father Dr. Parnassus who are all entertainers in a travelling theatre.


The script begins in a dingy back alley, as a driverless hulking wagon drawn by four horses rolls to a stop. Like a dark flower slowly opening it's petals, the wagon begins to transform into an old-fashioned, shabby travelling theatre. Anton calls out an invitation to an audience that consists mostly of a drunks which are leaving a nearby nightclub,
"Ladies and Gentlemen... Step up! Step up!... I, Mercury, the messenger of the gods, invite you... tonight, for one night only... at this very venue... to enter the mind, the very great mind, of Doctor Parnassus!"

One of the drunks is Martin who is attracted to the beautiful Valentina; intoxicated, he storms onto the stage and follows her through the glass of a prop mirror.
Valentina and Martin enter a living forest; she evades him and returns through the mirror back to the stage of the theatre and the real world. Lost and confused, Martin is left in the hidden dreamland that lies behind the mirror.

Entretanto, fica aqui uma imagem de "Tideland" que me parece um plano escandalosamente plagiado ao mestre Hitchcock. Ainda bem. Comparem.


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